About Us

 We have been in existence since 1965 and our experienced staff who have attended Child Care courses including NVQ level III are     very aware of the value of the many activities presented.


  We put into practice the Early Learning Goals to prepare your child for nursery/school to cover the following areas:-


  1. Personal, Social and Emotional Development (Children are encouraged to form good relationships with other children and adults, sharing, caring, helping and being kind.)

  2. Physical Development: (Playing is fun, big equipment needs to be mastered and fine motor skills such as mark making, small construction and scissor work.) The children will learn the importance of good health, healthy diet, exercise and fresh air in their daily outdoors adventure walk.

  3. Communication and Language (appreciating language, stories, music, books, writing, learning to listen and take part in a group situation.)

  4. Literacy (books, writing materials, posters, letters and sounds.)

  5. Mathematics (counting, shape, size, number rhymes and weighing.)

  6. Understanding of the world (learning through varied play experience, sand, nature, ICT and special festivals.)

  7. Expressive Arts & Design (painting, pencils, gluing, model making, music, crafts, colours, role play, building and dance.)


Our Aims

  • To prepare a child for school life by introduction to other children

  • To provide a child with guided play and controlled self-experience

  • To provide parental help as well, as an advantage for the child



  • The playgroup has a large hall, storage, kitchen and bathroom facilities which are on the ground floor of the premises.

  • Staff daily take the children into the outdoor area to enjoy planned activities.

  • Children enjoy sitting down and sharing snack time with their friends and are offered healthy snacks, water and milk.

  • Towards the end of the session children have access to a large number of bikes and cars enabling them to ride around the room.

  • The playgroup is registered on the Early Years Register.

  • Grant is available for 2 years old based on personal circumstances.

  • You are entitled to use your educational grant here once your child is 3. The Grant is paid in the term following your child's 3rd birthday.

  Other Information

  • The playgroup is open 9:15am-12:15pm Monday to Friday during school term times. Children can start from 2 years.

  • £9.00 per session.